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Water Treatment

Guaranteed green technology for bacteria destruction and destruction of algae and biofilm.

Guaranteed green technology for hard water scale prevention.

Scaling caused by hard water can be a major problem but it can be prevented without needing to use chemicals or water softeners that can be hazardous and cause pollution.

Scaling can block nozzles, coat pipework, clog up boilers and heat exchangers and cause substantially increased energy use.

Water Softening

Scaling can give rise to the need to use chemicals or expensive water softening equipment to prevent it forming (often they are only partially successful) and cause pollution.

Or, if no treatment is used then dangerous and expensive acids or even physical removal with hammers and chisels will be necessary.

Water Purification

As well as environmentally friendly scale prevention Fluid Dynamics also manufacture environmentally friendly water purification systems . Bacteria can be deadly .. typically potentially dangerous chemicals are the solution used to kill them but Fluid Dynamics BIOKLEEN system can be used to kill bacteria and biological growth.. safely and using no chemicals

Environment Friendly Treatment Systems

Our products Colloid-A-Tron, Scaletron, Magstream, Clearscale, MagCAT, BioKleen and Pooltron can be found in factories, breweries, chemical plants, offices, institutions such as hospitals and universities, supermarkets, restaurants on oil rigs and ships, in homes and protecting swimming pools. In addition water supplies for whole towns in Scotland, Ireland, Brazil and Argentina are protected by Fluid Dynamics scale prevention products. Over 200,000 of our products have been installed world wide. Users include Kelloggs, Ford Motor Company, Coca Cola, Unilever, Cambridge University.

Scale in pipeline reduced from 9mm to 3mm inside pipework system in 6 months - Cotto Tiles- Thailand

For eight years the only water treatment system we have had on our brewery’s steam boiler is a Colloid-A-Tron and the boiler passes its inspections every year…scale free - Freeminer Brewery England

After only 10 days scale started falling off the outside of the spray cooled furnaces....giving rise to increased heat transfer and efficiency - Graftech Mexico

Using your equipment prevents sticking of our solenoid valves in the ship’s fresh water circuit - Chief Engineer M/T Bropromotion, Sweden

Water treatment specialists worldwide

We can supply water treatment solutions for most problems.

Fluid Dynamics Products have approval for use in drinking water systems from:

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We export anywhere - 35 years experience in export to more than 30 countries

Energy Saving

Fluid Dynamics new Fueltron when installed before a boiler, furnace or other energy consuming equipment can improve the efficiency of the combustion of Fossil fuels giving rise to more complete combustion as well as a reduction in damaging exhaust gasses. Typically 3-5% fuel savings can be expected.

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