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Agra-Tron .. From Fluid Dynamics.. helping plant life flourish

Fluid Dynamics have been pioneers in innovative water treatments for more than 35 years. Using non chemical methods to inhibit the formation of hard calcium carbonate scale that arises when hard water is heated or evaporates.

Normally the problems caused by hard water are associated with scaling in boilers and hot water heaters – heat exchangers and cooling towers. But hard water has a negative impact well away from the boiler houses of industry or the showerheads in private houses. In the field of agriculture where irrigation water is sprayed on crops.

When hard water is sprayed on crops if that water contains calcium salts then as water evaporates so salts are left behind . in many cases calcium salts will be the main salts left around the roots of a plant .. when fresh water is sprayed on the roots through the irrigation system that calcium residue left from previous sprayings acts as a barrier to water and health enhancing salts entering the plant and this restricts both the plants growth and also the crop yield.

This growth of hard calcium carbonate crystals can be prevented by the Agra-Tron. It requires no energy or chemicals to operate.. it is simply installed and once installed immediately gets to work. Water treated by the Agra-Tron will still contain all its minerals but the crystal formation of calcium carbonate is changed by the electrolytic action of the Agra-Tron .. turning what would have been a hard crystalline deposit into a soft permeable residue through which irrigation water can pass .. The Agra-Tron is a unique (patent applied for) combination of magnetic and catalytic water treatment technology – The Agra-Tron effect gives healthy plants, better crop yields and can also lead to a lower water requirement to achieve the desired crop growth results.

Agra-Tron.. is 21st Century technology. Totally environment friendly.

Why choose Agra-Tron???... unlike some treatment devices the Agra-Tron is in direct contact with the water to be treated allowing the most effective treatment the Agra-Tron also incorporates two totally separate scale prevention and water enhancement technologies .. It is well known that magnetically treated water will only remain treated for a short time before reverting to its previous state so that water treated magnetically must be used quickly .. however Fluid Dynamics Patented Catalytic treatment system can take magnetically treated water and make the change in the water permanent so that once treated the water remains treated and when treated water evaporates only soft permeable crystals remain around the roots of the plant.

Does Physical treatment work to improve crop yield ??

Tests performed at the university of Western Australia resulted in the following conclusions:

The magnetic treatment of irrigation water resulted in statistically significant increases in the yield and water productivity for celery and snow pea plants in some instances.

Researchers at King Abdul Aziz University Saudi Arabia in work published in 2011 came to the following conclusion:

Thus, the present results have shown that irrigation with MTW can be considered as one of the most valuable of modern technologies that can assist in saving irrigation water and reducing salt accumulation in plants.




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