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Colloid-A-Tron (CAT) units are installed in 40 countries on 5 continents. Many leading companies have used CAT treatment in many countries across the world such as; Ford, Guinness, ICI, Nestle, Carlsberg, Renault and Coca-Cola. These are just a few out of thousands of users since 1973.

Colloid-A-Tron Technology

Colloid-A-Tron consists of a pipe with a special alloy core inserted inside. The unit comes in different sizes and screwed or flanged as required - (see the specifications). In order to prevent scale from forming in a piece of equipment the CAT is installed in the pipe lines which feeds water to it.

The secret of its success is found in the core - its shape, its composition and a combination of the pressure changes and turbulence that the special design causes.

The Colloid-A-Tron operates as a catalyst using the pH rise generated by the alloy to trigger precipitation of calcium carbonate in the bulk of the water forming stable crystals. This result is a water which has less calcium carbonate in solution and a mass of seed crystals which, should the water then be heated, act as sites for further precipitation in preference to adhering to the hot surfaces - thus protecting them from scale.


Your problem

The formation of scale caused by hard water in pipework and equipment is costly and seriously reduces operating efficiencies. Scaling and its removal manually or by chemicals can cause damage to equipment.

Generally the application of chemicals has been the traditional method of handling these problems - however increasing environmental pressures and restrictions are causing responsible industries and plant operators to look for alternative methods. This method is tested and approved by Jordan University, UKAEE and members of the UKWTA.

Your answer

Colloid-A-Tron provides the ideal solution to the problems associated with hard water scaling;

-it is totally safe to the environment

-constant supply of treated water

-requires no shutdowns for maintenance

-uses no energy or electricity

-Guaranteed for 10 years

-Colloid-A-Tron is the world leader in non-chemical water treatment systems.

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