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Colloid-A-Tron - Applications

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Colloid-A-Tron (CAT) treatment can be used where-ever scale is created - in both cold water cooling systems and hot water systems. The sketches below show typical installations.

Colloid-A-Tron can be used to treat;

  1. Humidifiers (Air washers)
  2. Compressors
  3. Condensers
  4. Air Conditioning
  5. Air Washer/scrubber/humidifier Coolers
  6. Cooling rods Felt washing
  7. Film and x-ray processing Furnaces
  8. General Cooling system
  9. Hot Water
  10. Boiler, low pressure Calorifiers
  11. Ice Making Machines
  12. Machines, general Bearings, glands and seals Compressors
  13. Extruders
  14. Friction brakes
  15. Grinders and mixers
  16. Injection moulding machines Stationary engines
  17. Presses
  18. Vacuum pumps Valves
  19. Welding Plants
  20. Wire drawings
  21. Evaporator
  22. Processing, general
  23. Chemical reaction vessels Condensers
  24. Heat exchanger, plate
  25. Heat exchanger, shell and tube Jacketed vessels
  26. Pasteurisers
  27. Refrigeration general Condensors, B.A.C type, compressors, sterilisers, temperature probes
  28. Washers general, bottles washers, cask washers, dish washers
  29. Fruit Processing, bottling/soft drinks, dairy, cold stores, canning preservatives
  30. Cereals/bakeries/vegetable processing Meat and Fish
  31. Processing Wines/Brewing/Alcohol
  32. Sweets/Chocolate etc
  33. Hotels/Restaurants/Supermarkets/Offices etc
  34. Irrigation systems

And many more...



Preventing Scaling in Humidifiers:


Colloid-A-Tron prevents scale from forming on the condenser tubes and evaporative condensers.


Colloid-A-Tron is installed in the cold water feed to the heating system. Provided it is sized correctly, it will prevent or greatly reduce scale from forming on the heating surface.


Unique computer prediction - Only Fluid Dynamics has this capability

A unique computer prediction enables possible applications to be screened for suitability. This program took three years to develop and is based on both practical experience and a number of university studies.
By adding both the water chemistry and flow details, an accurate assessment of the effectiveness of the treatment can be made and the optimum operating conditions can be recommended.

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