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Knocking scale on the head

Scaling caused by hard water , used to cause problems for Guinness in its London Park Royal Brewery, which is world famous for it's quality beer.

Guinness fitted their first COLLOID-A-TRON, non chemical scale preventer to a steam injected calorifier which had previously required closing down for a 3 day period while scale was physically removed . Following the installation of COLLOID-A-TRON the calorifier has stayed scale free . Encouraged by this Guinness have fitted units to various other processes where scaling was a problem, and as a result substantial savings have been made in the cost of chemical descalers, and the time and effort of manual descaling.

COLLOID-A-TRON works by generating a rise in PH which in turn triggers scale development in the form of harmless aragonite crystals suspended in the water, this prevents the formation of hard scale without the use of chemicals.

Kellogg (Germany) GmbH

Kellogg (Germany) GmbH is a food processing company situated in Bremen which produces breakfast and cereal products , such as Cornflakes, Rice Crispies, Snacks, Frosties and Muesli, etc

The problem:

Atlas-Copco air compressors, each with a cooling circuit are installed which produce compressed air for the production process. Water scale was forming in the cooling water tubes in the heat exchangers of the compressors, so that annual cleaning was unavoidable.

The cooling water temperature in the compressors was rising from about 20 oC to about 30 oC. The water used in the system is Bremen town water..

The solution:

2 x 1 1/2" COLLOID-A-TRON units and 1 x 1 1/4" COLLOID-A-TRON unit were installed to protect the after cooler/heat exchanger.

The result, confirmed by the representatives of Kellogg's, can be summarized by saying that the heat exchangers are now almost free of scale deposit; only in regions of low turbulence can a few sludge deposits be found and these can easily be removed by applying compressed air.

Since that time COLLOID-A-TRON units have come on line in areas where hot water is produced.

The savings:

Until COLLOID-A-TRON units were installed a yearly, very costly, cleaning of the compressor heat exchangers was necessary. Following installation of the COLLOID-A-TRON units, cleaning is only necessary every two years. In addition, the units have made cleaning operation much simpler.

Colloid-A-Tron extends operating life of oil rig compressors

Sea water fouling on oil rigs

The oil and natural gas commission of India is responsible for the operation of India's offshore oilfields. In 1992 it decided to assess the effectiveness of Colloid-A-Tron on preventing fouling in the cooling systems of their oil rig mounted compressors. Having identified a suitable site for testing, a program was setup to asses the Colloid-A-Tron's effectiveness.

The results have been excellent resulting in a halving of the number of cleans required during running period, thus at least doubling the operating life of the compressors between cleans.

how Colloid-A-Tron works

Colloid-A-Tron is a catalytic alloy of non ferrous metals housed in a pipe. It is installed by removing a section of existing pipe and replacing it with a Colloid-A-Tron. The unit needs no electricity, has no moving parts and requires no maintenance, it operates by developing a small electrical current between its two main alloy phases. which in turn increase the pH of the water passing over the unit triggering the precipitation of Calcium Carbonate as small microscopic crystals as a suspension in the water. In this more stable state they are less inclined to scale when faced with a rise in temperature.

Victor International Plastics

Victor conquer scale problem

Victor International Plastics, based in London's hard water area, have installed COLLOID-A-TRON catalytic water conditioners to keep their water scale-free and ensure maximum efficiency of their extruders.

Treatment of the main water supply is with a 4" unit on a cooling tower circuit and another 1/2" unit is used to protect a separate machine with it's own water cooling supply.

Colloid-A-Tron generates a rise in pH which triggers scale development in the form of harmless aragonite crystals suspended in the water, and its shape creates sufficient turbulence to keep these in suspension in the circuit with minimal opportunity to settle.

Victors engineers see the benefit of Colloid-A-Tron in the reduced maintenance that physical water treatment methods provide, together with the enhancement of the companies image as a user of environmentally friendly methods of scale prevention.

Installation nearly 4 years ago has resulted in trouble -free operation every since.

Rhone Poulenc

Belle Etoile Factory Lyons France

Preventing scaling on vacuum pumps

The SIHI vacuum pumps at the Belle Etoile Factory of Rhone Poulenc just on the outskirts of Lyons in France used to scale up so badly that they needed to be descaled every four to six weeks

In January 1989 Colloid-A-Tron units were installed to protect these pumps from scaling up. It is four years since the pumps needed cleaning - the savings compared to the cost of the Colloid-A-Tron have been enormous.

At the same Rhone Poulenc plant the glands of the recirculating pumps used to require cleaning every 18 months. In April 1990 Colloid-A-Tron units were installed on these as well and by October 1993 (period of 42 months) the glands has not scaled up again.

To date twenty two Colloid-A-Tron units have been installed in this one plant.

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