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Hard Water Treatment

Hard water treatment is made easy at Fluid Dynamics, the first choice for a range of solutions to any water problems that you may be experiencing, including pipe blocking due to water hardness.  We specialise in water softening with an array of innovative ideas.

A vast majority of the UK is supplied with hard water or extremely hard water, with the hardness of the water being dependent upon the level of a variety of salts within the water.  These salts include magnesium and calcium carbonate, both of which are naturally occurring minerals in fresh water.  Hard water treatment is used in order to make the water softer.  It works by ion exchange with sodium replacing the calcium or magnesium or both.

Hard water can prove to be extremely troublesome, causing scale build up in pipes, washing machines an hot water systems, blocking showerheads and causing scale to form on baths, sinks and taps.  Here at Fluid Dynamics, we offer a range of cost effective methods of reducing the hardness of water, reducing scale and preventing any further build up.

Heating water in a boiler that has fallen prey to scale is a waste of money and greatly increases boiler running time.  Scale on a boiler can increase the time it takes to heat up by anything up to 2 and half hours.  Our hard water treatment reduces the amount of scale on your boiler, making it more efficient and saving on fuel costs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to see how our hard water treatment could help you.

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