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Fluid Dynamics International. is the leading supplier of magnetic scale prevention units to industry and was the first to introduce the magnetic treatment of fluids on a commercial basis in the UK.

Magstream prevents the build up of scale both in water systems and in certain chemical processes. It is the cost effective answer to a problem which costs industry millions of pounds each year. Magstream is environmentally benign : nothing is added or removed from the water.

Magstream has been developed in conjunction with the department of chemistry at the City University in London and at Brunel University. Units are now installed at over 600 sites in the UK.

The units are made in the UK and are protected by British Patent No: 2160855

Precision engineered for industrial, commercial and institutional users.


Magstream scale prevention units have been scientifically designed and developed for the majority of systems using water and many processes. Examples include;
  • Calorifiers
  • Compressors
  • Heaters
  • Cooling Towers
  • Evaporators
  • Boilers
  • Humidifiers
  • Heat exchangers (plate or shell/tube)
  • Buildings: hot or cold services
  • Metal pre-treatment plants, spray or dip
  • Vacuum Pumps


Magstream is a specially designed array of rare earth magnets encased in a stainless steel sleeve. The unit is connected into the pipe work, in either the horizontal or vertical position, by means of flanges. The units can be used in both single pass and recirculatory systems. Installation is uncomplicated and inexpensive.

The problem

The build up of scale in industrial heating colling and water systems is expensive. Scale formation is the deposition of unwanted mineral solids from fluids - usually water or water based. Traditionally, chemicals have been used to combat the problem but magnetic scale prevention is a 'greener, cleaner and more cost effective answer in many applications.

How Magstream works

The calcium carbonate particles which are responsible for 'hard' water lime scale remain in suspension after magnetic treatment instead of precipitating out on to hard surfaces such as pipe work.

The process has been recognized for over half a century but has only been accepted in the UK following extensive scientific research - both academic and industrial - funded by Fluid Dynamics International.

Magstream not only prevents the build up of scale, it will also gradually remove existing scale in many cases. Where hard water has not reached critical proportions, Magstream way show results in two weeks; in more serious cases it may take up to a year to restore the system to it's original scale-free condition.

Payback and maintenance

Magstream units usually pay for themselves within twelve months. Minimal maintenance is required

Problems Magstream Prevents

  • Scale narrowed pipes and blocked jets
  • Reduction in heat transfer
  • Expensive maintenance
  • Reduced performance from equipment
  • Loss of production from down time and, in some instances loss of quality
  • Extra energy costs form pumping water through clogged pipe work and scale encrusted boilers
  • Possible hazards to the workforce from cleaning with aggressive acids.


Magstream units are guaranteed for ten years from date of supply in accordance with the company terms and conditions.

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