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Plate Heat Exchanger

Above: One of three magstreams protecting plate type heat exchangers.  Mcmullens Brewery in Hertfordshire UK

1.The Customer

Aylesford paper mills, Alysford Maidstone, kent.


Approached Fluid dynamics, with scaling problems in liquid ring seals in large vacuum pumps

Decided to try recycling water, but exercise was unsuccessful.


Fitted Magstream 250 into water main providing cooling water for vacuum pumps and reel drum cooling for no. 6 paper making machine.  Water usage is £30,000 gph producing 180 tons/hour packaging.


£250 per week £13,000 per year in chemicals.


£9,100 + Installation

A second unit was installed to treat water to No. 4 machine producing 80 tons of packaging per hour.  Units was Magstream 150 treating 20,000 gph water.


As above


£4,7000 + Installation.


2.The Customer

Suffolk Coastal District Council, Sheltered Housing.

Technical Diagram

DHW supply to 24 flats- 36 bungalows

No scale formation since installation.


3.The Customer

British Telecom Computer Centre, Herts

  • Humidifier element normal life expectancy increased by a factor of three.
  • Elements still in service at end of 9 month trial.
  • Capital cost £1117 - recoverable in 2 years.
  • Operating costs £141 per year - less than when using softened or untreated water.


4.The Customer

Alpha Laval - Office Block

Magstream Diagram


5.The Customer

DRG paper and Board Nash Mills.  Hemel Hempstead (Now Sappi Graphics)

The Problem

Unaccepted downtime due to scaling of spray nozzels in "flow box".


`Flowbox` 3m x 1m2 cross-section


  • 24hrs/day
  • Less stopages


Fit Magstream 38 (1.5 MA) on cold water feed to rotating spray assembly.


  • SAVINGS: Several thousands of £ per year
  • £645 + Fitting

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