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Bacteria carried in water are potentially very harmful. Since 1973 Fluid Dynamics, leader in non-chemical water treatment solutions have been supplying their systems for solving problems caused by water.

For many years UV has been known as a steriliser of water and air killing moulds, viruses and bacteria including legionella. Ultra Violet sterilisation is a unique and rapid method of water disinfection without the use of chemicals or heat.


Install the Sanitron on the discharge side of any tanks or the inlet of water into a house, commercial premises or inlet to individual pieces of equipment. Single phase 220/240 v electricity is all that is needed to run a Sanitron unit.

Unit sizes

Units are available in different sizes and are sized according to flow rate.

Flow Power
Model size
0.2m3/hr to 0.8m3/hr    (2-3 gpm) 14 WATTS 15MM SAN15
0.8m3/hr to 1.7m3/hr     (3-6 gpm) 18 WATTS 22MM SAN22
1.7m3/hr to 3.1m3/hr      (6-12 gpm) 24 WATTS 22MM SAN23
3.1m3/hr to 5.4m3/hr       (12-20 gpm) 44 WATTS 25MM SAN25
5.4m3/hr to 12m3/hr        (20-40 gpm) 54 WATTS 42MM SAN42
12m3/hr to 21m3/hr         (40-80 gpm) 140 WATTS 50MM SAN50

Sanitron-UV units are manufactured out of stainless steel, conform to US public health guidelines, incorporate a unique patented dual wiper system that enables regular cleaning of the protective quartz sleeve of the UV bulbs.

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