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Scale Free Systems

For scale free systems, look no further than Fluid Dynamics.  Fluid Dynamics are the first choice for hard water treatment and scale removal.  The presence of limescale costs more money than you might initially think and here at Fluid Dynamics, we offer a range of solutions for lime scale prevention designed to save you money and make appliances such as boilers more efficient.

Heating a boiler with lime scale presence wastes money and increases running time.  Whereas a normal domestic boiler would normally take one and a half hours to heat up, a boiler with a limescale could take up to four hours to heat.  It therefore makes sense to take advantage of our solutions for scale free systems.  Scale free systems make for lower long term maintenance costs and a longer usage life.

Scale is generally caused by hard water and with a vast majority of the UK being supplied with hard water, companies specialising in scale free systems, such as Fluid Dynamics are always in need. 

Here at Fluid Dynamics, we have specialised in scale free systems for over thirty years.  If you are looking for a company that not only offers great solutions for the removal of limescale but also has the right amount of knowledge, experience and expertise in order to be able to offer an unbeatable and affordable service for scale free systems, make Fluid Dynamics your first choice.

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