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The protection of water systems from bacteria such as legionella is becoming essential. Traditionally this meant the pumping of chemicals into a pipework system or keeping temperatures of water so high that use of the water gives rise to the danger of scalding.

Fluid Dynamics, with 30 years experience in non chemical water treatment systems have developed Tripleguard-I a UNIQUE treatment system that deals with the combined problems of bacteria, scaling and rust and sediment particles in water in a single compact housing... ALL without the use of chemicals.

Tripleguard-I can also be supplied with its own pump so that a recirculation system can be set up for recirculating storage tanks before water is delivered to points of use.


Why fit a Tripleguard-I

Treating water with Tripleguard-I ensures that precautions are taken to protect equipment, systems and people from the potential problems of untreated water.  Maintenance caused by lack of treatment is expensive, chemicals too can be expensive or even dangerous to handle and levels need to be constantly checked.

Tripleguard-I is an automatic treatment system.  It requires little maintenance, no refilling and no dangerous chemicals.  Just once a year change the bulb in the UV System and every 6 months change the filter cartridge.

What is in Tripleguard-I ?

Tripleguard-I: is a combination unit housed in its own cabinet of GRP or Stainless Steel incorporating three of Fluid Dynamics main products.

Scaletron: the world`s leading non-chemical catalytic scale prevention system that inhibits scaling caused by hard water without using chemicals over 250,000 installation worldwide

Fastflo: a high capacity cartridge filter that will remove all particles larger than 5 microns as well as taste and colour.

Sanitron: State of the art UV technology as used by Kodak, 3m, Vicks Healthcare, Pfizer, Gillette and thousands more, Sanitron units  kill 99.9% of most bacteria and viruses including Legionella.

Sizing the Tripleguard-I

Flow Range Model
0-4m3/hr Model 50
4m3/hr to 8m3/hr Model 100
8m3/h3 to 12m3/hr Model 150
12m9/hr to 19m2/hr Model 200

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