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Why Us?

We are the worlds oldest and largest manufacturer of Catalytic hard water scale prevention systems with more than 200,000 units installed around the world.

We manufacture scale prevention products to suit our customers needs protecting:

1. Simple pieces of equipment like coffee machines
2. Hot water heaters
3. throughout the home
4. In commercial  buildings such as office blocks, schools, colleges , universities , hospitals and hotels treating among other things ( urinals, Toilets, hot water heaters, humidifiers)
5. In factories, mines, oil rigs, refrigeration systems. Cooling towers, compressors. heat exchangers

Our clients include Kellogs, Ford, Unilever, Cambridge University, Pirelli, Mars. Thames Water. etc etc.

Through our 35 years of knowledge in the industry, we are able to supply a wide range of non-chemical water treatment products.

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